Neomed Algae Capsules


To enjoy power and energy as well as master daily work is nowadays a necessity and a major matter.
Neomed Algae Capsules are since more than 25 years now a tried and tested marine brown algae product with the target to develop and maintain the personal body and soul efficiency.


„Algae Micronate “contained in Neomed Algae Capsules is produced from brown algae Ascophyllum nodosum. These wild growing brown algae are even listed in European medicine books. This proves the importance for human health.

It is significant that brown algae are part of daily food for millions of people in the world, for instance in China, Japan, Ireland or in Brittany. The outstanding health of Japanese is for sure due to high algae consumption.

The ingredients iodine, minerals, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, alginates among others stimulate metabolism. Enzyme system of our body is stimulated to convert them into needed energy.

Apart from the big spectrum of trace elements, Neomed Algae Capsules contain about 20% alginates which are a medium to detoxify body cells by building insoluble complexes with special heavy metals like mercury from amalgam to be excreted by the digestive tract.



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