Neomed Pharma GmbH was founded in 1980. the Neomed team has been working together for more than 30 years in research, development and sales of organic marine algae products.

In recent years, Neomed has been involved in collaborative research and field evaluations in Europe including the UK and Ireland, Asia and Africa. 


Robin Pro Natura

Neomed™ Algae Capsules & Cosmetics
Organic feed supplements for animals: Nutripferd™, Nutrisam™, Natural bio Stimular™   Natural food supplement & cosmetics:
oeko-garantieOrganic products for agriculture: Algifol™ & Nutrigran™
Certified for organic growing.
•    Neomed™ Algae Capsules  
•    Algaran, bio certified Day Cream
•    Neomed Marine Algae Bath

Nutripferd™, Natural bio Stimular™ and Algifol™ are brand names of Neomed Pharma GmbH, Germany. 



Our products are widely marketed and used throughout the world.

Please find enclosed our actual agents in Europe for our horse products:


Horze Sydjylland,
Stubbaek Bygade 7,
6200 Aabenraa,
Tel.: 0045 73623555/20287441


SOLAN Kraftfutterwerk Schmalwieser
GmbH & Co KG, Unterseling 13,
4672 Bachmanning
Tel.: 0043 7735 7070-0


Horsana Reitsport AG
Allmendstrasse - 88320 Fehraltorf
Tel. 0041 449956888
Please contact them for orders relatives to these countries.