Algifol™ for other special crops


The recommended dosage is 3-4 liters /hectare/season or for smaller plots dilution 1:1000 and use of knapsack sprayer.

- 1st spraying in early stage
- 2nd spraying before flowering
- 3rd spraying 4 weeks before harvest
- 4th spraying if needed because of draught, heavy rain or pest attack


Cocoa Rice Tobacco




  • Coffee plantations treated with Algifol™ with following results in India:
     - Reduction on input of pesticides and fungicides
     - Less chemical residues in coffee better uptake of otherwise locked elements
     - General yield increase up to 15% or more


  • Cotton
    Report from Pakistan “We have started getting tangible comparative results from some places on cotton crops sprayed during the last five months, which are very encouraging and I would like to share them with you”.
    Cotton in the Mirpurkhas area:
    Seven Algifol™ sprayed acres, planted by five farmers, in comparison with seven control acres also planted and looked after by the same five farmers in almost identical manner/conditions.
    Total Production
    Algifol                       Control              Difference        Percent   
    15080 Kg.                 12840 Kg             +2240 kg           17.44
  • Rice fields treated with Algifol™ in Sri Lanka show increase of productivity, reduction of costly chemicals and use of pesticides in a bad situation with low mechanization.
    Dosage was 1:100 for rice seeds.
  • Results from Pakistan: Average yield per acre
    1884.8 kg                 1604.8 kg          + 280 kg       17.44
    In this average, the greatest difference was 46.6%, and least was 8.3%.
    All seven acres gave positive results. 


For other special crops on which you want to use Algifol™?
Please do not hesitate to inquire specifically.



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