Turf and Amenity Care


Application rates for mown grass areas:
It is known that routine applications of ALGIFOL at 2-5 litres per hectare at 3 - 4 weekly intervals will suppress nematode multiplication as well as assist with other stress related infections and physical problems (drought and mowing). Furthermore, healthy green will stay longer even in times of draught.




Some successful examples of use with Algifol™:


Croke Park Stadium, Dublin

Establishing of new turf after U2 Concert
Project STRI – Richard Hayden

Situation 6 weeks later after intensive football matches

Croke Park Stadium Dublin

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Kuwait, Aug 2011

The heat reached 45°C during the experiment. On this public suqare dry and sandy patches were found, grass roots were still living but some areas were completely dry and without grass. Road sides were suffering.

Kuwait 20114 weeks later after 3 sprayings of Algifol™ diluted 1:1000.


The Algifol™ (on the right over the red line) part became green and the other part which was even more green upon starting the experiment, turned more pale than before.

Thanks to the Agricultural Authorities in Kuwait for conducting this project.




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