PiaVal is an odor masker and prevents pigs from perceiving group-specific odors.

Every practitioner knows the problems with pooling pig groups:
To determine the new ranking, the animals often fierce fighting. Especially in piglets, as well as gilts and sows it comes after weaning and putting together new groups to bites on the legs, tails and ears.


piavalPiaVal is designed to prevent fighting, ranking battles and biting biting, keeping and transporting pork groups and improving pork and poultry stall air.

With PiaVal you can stop the urge to fight with pigs. The odor similarity of all animals and the environment prevents aggression usually already in use.

A beneficial side effect when using PiaVal is the 2-4 weeks lasting freshness and pleasant smell of stable. This, however, dependent on the stable ventilation long-term effect offers only PiaVal.

PiaVal is ideal not only for use in pigs, but also in chickens and other poultry such as turkeys, ducks, geese, because it covers even the worst smell of manure and feces reliable and sustainable.

PiaVal has no influence on the respiratory system and the health of the animals. It can be safely used in the occupied stable, but you should not spray the use solution directly into the eyes of the animals.



PiaVal is a fragrance oil composition of various essential oils and fragrance oils.
This product is made in Germany.

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