NUTRISAM™ is made of Ascophyllum nodosum. This brown alga is worldwide well-known as a rich source of over 60 natural macro and micro elements like vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. 


NUTRISAM™ is a natural feed supplement which increase the production and feed conversion rate. The appetite of animals will be activated as well as the digestion process. Stress and cannibalism will be reduced automatically. 

A healthy metabolism helps by the regulation of ovulation cycles, increase the quality of sperm and assists for improving conception rate and normal healthy births. 

NUTRISAM™ intensifies metabolism and availability of all nutrients contained in the feed. Animal health and energy will be improved.  

NUTRISAM™ as natural feed additive shows an inexpensive possibility to provide animals with cell available minerals and vitamins missing most of the time nowadays or only in lower dosage in feed and on meadows. 



All animals receive 2,5 kg Nutrisam™ per 1 ton of finished feed. 

NUTRISAM™ is for all poultry, swine, sheep, dairy cows and beef cattle. Also a big place in fish farming. 




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Nutrisam, 25 kg bag

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