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1 kg = 736.00 €


100 capsules Neomed are sufficient for a cure of 1-3 months.

Sea algae offer the widest possible source of minerals and other vital diet elements. Their rare nutrient storage capacity and benefit is beyond expectation. We use brown algae growing on wild and rocky shores in cold water. Marine algae have the power to concentrate in their cell system macro and trace elements up to thousand times and will release them into our organism.

With Neomed™ Algae Capsules, you allow vitality of your metabolism and indirectly wellness for your skin.

Neomed™ Algae Capsules are a food supplement. They contain all requested trace elements including natural iodine, important for a healthy intestinal tract and for the enzyme of human metabolism. It is a good basis for improved energy and vitality as well as for a better resistance of our immune system.  

Neomed™ Algae Capsules bind toxic heavy metals like mercury so that they will be excreted from the body. Neomed™ Algae Capsules is a natural food supplement containing high valuable seaweed extracts of Ascophyllum nodosum and is free of artificial chemical product. Capsules are made from cellulose and ideal for vegetarian and vegan people. Gluten and lactose free.

Marine algae are usually part of the menu in coastal regions. Additionally, fresh or dried marine algae are available in West European countries and provide a natural iodine source for the population. 


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