Neomed Marine Algae Bath

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1 kg = 27.80 €

Neomed Marine Algae bath with natural salt crystals

Skin has different rules. One of them is to be an essential excretory organ for metabolism products with acidic reaction.

The acid-base balance is the regulatory system of the human body. Due to factors such as improper diet and stress many people tend to acidification. Neomed alkaline algae bath supports the acid-base balance and the natural balance of the skin.
Plant substances, for example from algae, are also ideal during a diet. Reason: Especially marine algae provide the concentrated load of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements that the body's cells need in order to work optimally. For your well-being there is an algae bath additive in our program: In the evening before bedtime go for 15 minutes into a tub with 38-degree warm water. Do not use soap, just relax. Dry your body well and, if possible, go directly to bed.

Liposuction reducing, skin clearing and relaxing algae bath with all the wealth from the sea for your home use. Thalasso bath like at a Spa.
What is the good thing about taking this bath?
Neomed alkaline Algae bath crystalline powder acts revitalizing, leaving the skin soft and silky. Added to your tub it increases the pH-value to slightly basic and neutralizes acidic skin excretions.

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