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Animals need healthy teeth and gum. NBS-dent reduces bad breath, calculus and dental plaque.

Who would not prefer and enjoy clean odor from the lovely dog’s mouth instead of bad smell?

It is not your animal’s fault: some cats and dogs have this problem, others don’t. Brushing the animal’s teeth may be possible with a docile dog and everyday’s patience. But try this on a cat – and you will give up soon in most cases – hopefully with not too deep scratches.

Mouth inflammation affects health! Bacteria reduce the original robustness and may damage the total organism. Who likes to sit on a dentist’s chair? But stinking breath, tartar build up and plaque cannot be ignored. In this case a veterinary will take over and do the needed – like a dentist. But this causes stress, needs sedation and cost – for their well-being.

When does the prevention against teeth plaque and bad breath start? Now!

NBS-Dent marine algae powder is a stress free teeth care at home. Important is regularity, preventing bad breath and forming of dental calculus. Additional effect:  existing teeth plaque will be softened and removed after some time. It can be scraped or rubbed off with chew toys or special feed. Results are normally to be seen after 3-8 weeks. 

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