Nutripferd to go!


Nutripferd™ to go! is the new way to feed horses a needful and tasty mash. It is easy and uncomplicated to prepare (water only), useful during or before a tournament or longer trail. Reduces stress – feed some days before expected situation. On top of that, your horse enjoys advantage of the benefaction of the marine algae Nutripferd™.

Nutripferd™ to go! is a complete meal without cereals.

Recommended alternative feed for stressed horses! Contains marine algae Nutripferd™!


Nutripferd To Go!
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Nutripferd To Go!This mash consists of easily digestible fibers of soya, Lucerne, meadow hay, beet pulp and organically bound vitamins and amino acids. 

This well selected herbal mixture is extremely tasty with additional positive effect on the digestive tract and stress situations.

Chia and linseed with their essential Omega 3 fatty acids – and Amino acids add considerate energy. 

Nutripferd™ to go! contains additional honey, biotin, natural E Vitamin and active yeast strains – ideal for all breed of horses.