High quality singing bowl


High quality singing bowl with horse motif from India.

Singing bowls have existed in different cultures for thousands of years. Singing bowl therapy is a recognized relaxation technique for humans and animals.



The bowls, which are unique to Tibet, consist of 12 different metals and cause the bowl body to vibrate when struck or rubbed. Blockages can be gently loosened with a combination of sound and vibration and provides a proven relaxing effect.

The  collection is exclusively designed for Neomed and engraved with a horse.

The monks in Tibet use the bowls for two primary purposes. The first is to eat from them and the other for their and their fellow human beings physical wellbeing such as nervous conditions, blockages, restrictions in movement and as pain therapy.

The Tibetan singing bowls are a wonderful instrument for relaxation  with an imposing sound.

For you and your horse. More information on request.


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