NBS Soothing Oil for dogs & cats

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1 l = 196.00 €

Dogs and cats often have problems with their skin and fur because of roaming around outdoors and whilst investigating their territory.

NBS Oil (lotion) for dogs & cats is odorless and a creeping oil, hence it penetrates through to the skin and does not stick in the hair.
Cod liver oil as an emulsion was used on patients with burns in the 1960s. The advantage of cod liver oil is:
•    mild, does not sting
•    can be applied directly to inflamed, open & crusted areas
•    reduces itching and activates the renewal of skin cells
•    gently loosens the scab and keeps the skin supple

NBS Oil for dogs & cats can also be used optimally for existing lichen, grind, flaking and blemishes on the fur. The risk of getting cracked and rough skin is reduced.

NBS Oil for dogs & cats is ideal for the skin, including by pre-existing skin impurities.

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