NBS Insect Repellent

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1 l = 75.00 €

NBS Insect Repellent is a protecting spray against horse flies, ticks, flies and gnats.
Troublesome insects can spoil otherwise beautiful days – for horse and rider. Therefore, we have to fight back. There are several products on the market, many smelly and toxic for humans, too. We do not have to kill the insects.

It is sufficient to keep them at a distance. Therefore, substances are welcome, which will not irritate horse and rider, but still have a significant repellent effect on these irksome biting and molesting creatures.
Not all products smell agreeable. For humans it is not a big problem, you can manage most of the time but for horses it is more difficult. They cannot get rid of not taking care of their coat.
It is possible also without poison!

NBS Insect Repellent is available in 5 litres jerry-cans as a refill unit, 500 ml with an economic micro sprayer or as 100 ml pump spray.

Efficiency in hours.
Up to 20 hours against gnats.
Up to 3 hours against ticks.
Up to 8 hours against most other biting or annoying insects.

A comparison test from the foundation Warentest selected the active substance Icaridin (Autan) as the best repellent substance. NBS Insect Repellent contains 20% Saltidin (Autan), extract of neem and natural soothing and healing oils. 

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