Algifol 125 ml

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1 kg = 64.00 €

Algifol™ is an organic active Biostimulant based on marine algae. Through a special process we conserve, concentrate and make plant available the richness of trace elements, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and plant hormones for growth regulation.

Algifol™ has different actions:
•    Less irrigation water needed
•    Better resistance against cold, drought and heat
•    Protection from stress, due to heat, pesticide or insect attack
•    Better Absorption of soil nutrients
•    Higher activity and multiplication of soil bacteria
•    regular green canopy
•    Reduction of transplant shock 

Algifol™ is suitable for flowers like roses, orchids, geraniums, fruit and vegetable, lawn and golf courses. 
Algifol™ is not poisonous and free of toxic residues. It is environmental friendly and certified by BCS for organic growing. 

Certificat BCS
See BCS certificate, reneved every year


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