Sachet of 500 g Nutripferd

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1 kg = 53.00 €

One sachet of 500 g is sufficient for 50 days/horse up to 500 kg body weight or for 100 days/pony.

Nutripferd™ is a compound feed for horses on the basis of marine algae.
Wild growing marine algae activate their positive characteristics. Users report the following:

Effective preventive of allergic reactions, even sweet itch, strengthening of immune system…

  • Reduction of susceptibility to diseases
  • Activation of intestinal flora
  • Metabolism improved
  • More beautiful coat within short
  • Stress reduction 

Practical proof was demonstrated with a field test :

  • 1000 owners of sweet itch horses received in June 1997 Nutripferd™ for 3 months. For selection, a questionnaire was published in the famous magazine Reiter Revue, filled in and sent back for application. 
  • 800 final reports were sent back after 3 months showing a success rate of 72%. All horses were kept “as usual”, there was no restriction in breed or keeping.

Nutripferd™ can reduce feed supplements based on minerals or vitamins.

Literature note: Dr. vet. C. Olschewski Broschüre Sommerekzem.pdf
(in german)



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